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Girl on Bliss Podcast

Nov 14, 2017

Did you know there's a difference between fermenting, culturing, and pickling?

Did you know that there's 14k+ diseases out there, and many start because something went wrong with the gut?

Did you know that the bacteria from fermented vegetables can heal your digestive system?

Even though I was aware of those before I spoke with Kirsten Shockey ---author of Fermented Veggies and Fiery Eats, two books on the mechanisms and art behind fermenting vegetables ---I didn't realize how just how powerful fermenting can be.

So if you're a newbie to this concept or a seasoned veteran, check out this interview to learn more about what you can do with those left over vegetables in your fridge, to reap the most benefits!

Come learn more about Kirsten and her books, here.